"What kind of Asian are you?" actor Stella Choe cast in big Korean movie

In April I released "What Kind of Asian are You?" for YouTube Comedy Week. The video became my most viewed video thanks to the very funny performances by Stella Choe and Scott Beehner. Yesterday I was sent this press release about actor Stella Choe's role in a new film by a famous Korean director.

"From Viral video star to the Big Screen. Choe books role in “International Market”.

Stella Choe, star of the viral comedy video “What Kind of Asian are you?”, which reached 5 million hits in ten days, has been tapped for a role in the feature “International Market” opposite Lost’s Yunjn Kim. The film will be directed by renowned Korean director J.K. Youn (Tidal Wave).

Choe was contacted directly by a producer at JK films who had seen her viral video and had a specific role in mind for her. She will playing a Korean adoptee in America who returns to her homeland.

This wasn’t the only job that Choe booked though her viral video. She is also starring in a national Ford commercial which she was offered after a casting director took notice of her performance in “ What Kind of Asian are You?”

A professional dancer since age 16, Choe has toured the world with Paul McCartney and helped choreograph features Gangster Squad and Benjamin Buttons.

Choe is repped commercially by Sutton, Barth, and Venari. She is currently seeking theatrical representation. "

Congratulations, Stella. I am so happy that appearing in my video has made Stella into a movie star. She is so funny.

Actor Scott Beehner has also had great success. He is in a beef jerkey Slim Jim commercial that I see on TV a lot. He was also in an Applebee's restaurant commercial.

And Scott just came out with a funny viral video about auditioning for commercials, which I guess he must do a lot.

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