This blog post is under video surveillance

I came across this car on the streets of LA the other day. It's a pretty junky car that I might not have paid attention to, but I noticed a sign in the window. I went up to check it out.

The sign said

"This car is equipped with a hidden camera, anyone tampering with this car will be prosecuted."

There were a lot of empty boxes and junk in the car. I think the real reason for the sign is that the car is lonesome and neglected, so this sign is a way to get people's attention and get them to come up and look at the car.

He probably hasn't been touched in a long time. It's kind of sad. I've been going out to the car everyday recently. I've been performing little plays and puppet shows and hoping that they will be captured on the hidden camera.

I'm hoping someday the car will upload these videos to YouTube.

Ethiopian Food and Zine Comic book writer Carrie McNinch

This Saturday I went to the Buff Monster gallery show opening at Corey Helford. Afterwords, some friends took me to eat Ethiopian food at a restaurant in Fairfax called Mercado. One of the friends in this picture is Carrie McNinch who writes the comic zine "You can't get there from here" (see below).

Ethiopian food is good for these three reasons.
1. Yummy
2. You get to eat with your hands.
3. The food has nice names like Firfir and Fitfit and Chicken Tibs. These are all good names for babies too.

We got a vegetable plate with many bean curries. It is all served on a sour spongy crepe called Injera. You also get a basket of injera and you can use it like Indian Nan to scoop up the curries.
They also roast their own coffee in front of you.
If I am ever a coffee bean, I hope I will end up there.

This is Carrie's comic. My friend Dr. Mao introduced me to her comics which you can get here.
I like to read home made comics and this is my favorite one so far.

Her comics are good for these reasons.
1. Funny
2. Sad
3. True

Carrie likes coffee and she even goes to Rome just to drink her favorite cappucino. If you read about it in volume 3, above, you will want to go to rome.

Her zine is about her real life, her friends, her cats, and she writes very honestly about things she struggles with. She also has a neat t-shirt she made with her cat on it which she sells.
I think it is important to have a t-shirt with a cat on it.