Kitty Kats make me happy

It is my birthday this morning and I woke up to find this very nice card. This cat is named Dr. Mao. She is very handsome. Dr. Mao is a friend that my twin brother David introduced me too. Dr. Mao is a good writer. I don't just mean that her handwriting is can tell from her birthday card that it is...but she is also a skillful bilingual poet and novelist. She was a runner up for the Nekotagawa-Sho award for her novel "我が輩は猫である。なんか文句あるのか。” Although my favorite is "あたしの毛を撫でる貴方。 A love story".

I hope you can meet her someday.
Thank you, Dr. Mao. I am glad to know a cat like you.