Takeo's Onstar Parody Video wins ATom.com editor's pick

In this new video Takeo Kun and I talk about the award he won for his Onstar parody commercial starring Shelby Young and Reid Ewing. Shelby is appearing in the film The Social Network by David Fincher, and Reid Ewing is on the TV show Modern Family.

Takeo won $500 and bought some delicious snacks.

Here is his film.

Click this link to see the video on ATom.com and read about the award.

Letters from a Super Hero. Atomic Atom Episode 1

(For some reason the above video player cuts off 1/3 of the screen...double click the video to see it on youtube in full.)

Atomic Atom is based on this drawing I did called "Letters From a Super Hero".

He is real, but I didn't know he was real until after I made the drawing. He is a very good neighborhood hero. This morning I saw him refilling a hummingbird feeder.

If you have a problem, contact Atomic Atom. He might be able to help, but I think he has a bad back.

He can't do heavy lifting, or anything that requires him to bend in a funny position.

Letters From a Super Hero- Acrylic Ink and collage over canvas