Everybody Dies Book Release and Gallery show in LA June 10th

This friday May 6th is the opening of my Phoenix art gallery show at Cade Gallery.
You can see some of the paintings here.

I am also getting ready for my first Los Angeles solo art gallery show at Lebasse projects in Chinatown. It's the Everybody Dies- A Children's Book for Grown Ups book release and gallery show. It will have an opening reception the evening of Friday, June 10th and run for 3 or 4 weeks.

I have been framing all the paintings. Each one is about 15 x 19 inches. I will have every page of the book including a few of the alternative paintings that didn't make it.

I will also have a new printed version of the book on sale with 32 full color pages. There are still a few of the first printing left if you'd like to get one at http://www.everybodydiesbook.com

If you haven't seen the book, you can hear me read the first half of the book aloud in the video below.

It Will all be over Soon

Fatalistic Chick
"It will all be over soon"

I am back to painting again for the first time in many moons. I spent most of last year making my picture book Everybody Dies- A Children's Book for Grown Ups. I finished it in Decmeber, but then in early January I met Jacob the herniated disc (L5) and Jacob makes it hard to paint because I can't sit down for long.

It's been two months since I met Jacob, and I am learning to live with him. He's not a good neighbor though. I started painting again a few days ago since I am getting ready for several art shows.

1. This Saturday I will have a piece in Torrance Museum to benefit the quake.
2. It is the anniversary of the Billy Shire Fine ARts Gallery where I had my first show in 2009. They are doing a show with a piece from all artists who have showed there...the work will be published in a book. So I need to finish a piece for that by March 31.
3. I am applying for a museum show in Hokkaido.
4. I have my first Solo Art show in Los Angeles coming up on June 10th in Chinatown.
5. I have a show at Cade Gallery in Phoenix Arizona on the First Friday in May.

So I have to make peace with Jacob and start painting. I made Fatalistic Chick Today.

This is a companion to the piece below which I did quite a while ago. Click here and scroll down and you can see a little bit about the original piece.

I would like to do one more "It will all be over soon" but I haven't though of it yet. I think the thought is coming soon. Yes