Paranormal Activity in Death Valley

For Halloween, I went to the Death Valley desert of California. It's about 250 miles east of Los Angeles. I stayed high in the mountains so it wasn't so hot, but in the valley it can be 120 degrees. It's to hot for most animals to live a happy life, so I only saw two little rodents while I was there. I tried to make friends with them, but they were too fast.

The bee hives in this picture are actually giant kilns made over 100 years ago. They used to burn pine wood inside these kilns and make charcoal. That's what the sign said, but I still think it is a giant hive, with a giant super bee who lives inside. People are probably trying to keep it secret because they want to keep the honey for themselves.

The nearest town to death valley is called Trona. It's a sulfer mining town, and Americans say it smells bad, but to me it smells like Japanese hot springs. It's a pretty quiet and lonesome town, I wonder what it would be like to grow up there.

I was a gold miner for Halloween and I stayed by myself in an abandoned Death Valley gold mine. I was hoping to meet the ghost of an old gold miner.
Here is a video about it.