Great Mazinga Robot selfie

I am very close friends with two giant robots, Great Mazinga and Raideen. Lately Mazinga is always trying to take my phone to play Candy Crush. This morning, I woke up and found this photo on my phone. It's his first selfie. I guess he is putting it on his Instagram page. Robots grow up so fast.

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Great Mazinga Self Portrait

Great Mazinga has been my friend since I was 4 years old. He often watches me draw, and he makes silent suggestions.

I guess a lot of my drawings are influenced by his opinions. He is a pretty artistic robot.

Yesterday I gave him some pens and paints before I went to the zoo. When I came home, I found this picture he drew of himself.

I was going to get him a blow up giraffe balloon as a souvenir at the zoo (he loves giraffes), but they were sold out. Instead, I got him some animal crayons with colors named after animals, like Lemur brown, and hook worm yellow.

I'm hoping that he does a lot more drawing.

Here is a photo of Great Mazinga watching me type this blog.

Big Robot Casts Big Shadow.