Doko Demo World Song by Ken Tanaka Band どこでもワールド

EArlier this week we posted our song Doko Demo World. I wrote this song 11 years ago, but I only had the chorus (part sung by the girl in this) and the music. Last Fall Polo and TEruko and I got together in Polo's studio to record a version of Nanatsu no Ko (karasu) and when we finished, I mentioned this song. We played around and this is what we got.
I met Polo surfing in Los Angeles, and I met Teruko when she was working at an art show I had work in.

Youtube was kind enough to give me some credit at BH camera earlier this year, and I used it to buy the canon SLR rebel t2i camera. It's a bit hard to shoot on for me, since I'm used to making videos with a camcorder or flip. Takeo is a professional photographer and cinematographer though, so he was able to make the Rebel T2i work great for this video.

We shot for 3 days in Los Angeles. We were lucky that the flowers were in bloom :-) They don't last very long. Most of the footage is shot on a 50mm lens, but some is also on a 18-120 zoom lens.

I'm very happy with how the video looks and I hope it makes you happy.

This is the studio version. This was us recording with my Flip the day we were first working on the song. We recorded it with Polo a few days later. Polo is a master producer and did all the recording and sound editing.

I Lately I've been very satisfied by getting to make this song, and also my book Everybody Dies, and the gallery show that is up now. It goes till July 9th, so if you haven't seen it and you are in LA, please stop by. We will have a closing, signing party on July 9th (SAT) from 2-4pm

Tokyo Youtube Gathering and Awa Odori

I just posted a new video from our Tokyo YouTube gathering this summer. It took place at the very handsome Inokashira Park in Kichijoji and many YouTubers came.

After the gathering, many of us headed over to Koenji for the Awa Odori festival. Awa Odori is a famous dance festival that takes place in Tokushima, Japan...but there are satellite festivals all over the country.

It's a celebration of Obon, a summer holiday when you can reconnect with the spirits of your ancestors who temporarily come back to Earth in a ghosty form.

This video also talks bout our upcoming concert. Polo, Takeo and Teruko and I will play 2nd Street Jazz in La on Monday the 13th. See my earlier blog post for more info.

Ken Tanaka Band live in Los Angeles Monday 13th

This coming Monday 13th, I will be performing a live show at 2nd Street Jazz in Los Angeles.
366 E 2nd St
Los Angeles, CA 90012

The show goes from 9-11pm and I think we will go on around 9:45. Tickets are $10. PLease make sure you tell them you are there for Ken Tanaka when you buy your ticket.

I will be playing about 20-30 minutes and probably doing 6-8 songs with Takeo, Polo and our new guest vocalist the very handsome Teruko-Chan. Three of the songs are brand new and we've never played them for an audience before.

You can hear Teruko singing a song from Urusei Yatsura here.

Here are some of the songs you can hear.

Rock Eater- NEw Song with Polo

Polo and I made about 7 improvised songs one day. This is the latest one I've posted. Polo is a professional guitarist and plays for bands and as a session guitarist. He is a very nice man.
This is kind of a strange song. I wasn't sure if I should post it or I put it on my Kentanakajapan channel....instead of my main one.

There is a free Mp3 here if anyone wants it
Free Mp3

Here are some of the other songs we made that day.

RAmen in Nagoya Japan with Pay Katsuyuki

Pay Katsuyuki took me to Koonan Ramen in Nagoya where they have his art on display. Pay makes ramen at a different Koonan location. It really is the best ramen I have ever had. Everything there was great, gyooza, eggplant, even meatballs.
I would like to have a swimming pool full of it, or at least a bathtub or small jacuzzi.
Pay is a great artist and I did a whole post about him earlier in this blog

I hope you will take a look at it and see his beautiful art work.

My new friend Erik Lundgren

A few weeks ago I got a very nice email from a man who watches my videos. He sent me his own original song called "Mr. Tanaka". When I listened to it, I was very impressed to hear such a professional sounding recording and beautiful acoustic guitar music. Nobody has ever written a song like this for me before so I was very happy.
His name is Erik Lundgren and he is from Sweden. He is an animator and a musician who has just moved to Kyoto.

He has a few other original songs on his youtube channel which you can see linked in the above video. I was very surprised to see that his songs had been up for a year, but he had only one subscriber. I guess that youtube is so big, that even a very talented person can get lost in all the millions of videos.

I made this video mostly from footage from my recent trip back home. The shrines shown are all in Chichibu. There are a few bits from Washington DC too and the swan is from Sonoma.

You can download mp3 of Erik's album at his website....