Rainy Day Foods

The biggest storm in five years is hitting Los Angeles. Today slushy hail fell down and it looked like snow. It almost reminded me of being home in Shimane with snowy winters.

Lots of rain means lots of days inside so I have been cooking. I went to the rainy farmers market and bought some turnips. I roasted them in the oven with olive oil until they got soft and shriveled and looked like a baby bears toes.
It can be dangerous to eat real baby bear toes because the mother can get aggressive, so this is a safer way and you don't have to hike around looking for the bear.

The radishes came with big green leaves stuck to them. I cut of the leaves and cooked them with garlic and a potato. Then I put them in a blender with some dashi and made a very green soup.

Yesterday I made one of my favorite things. Tarako spaghetti. Tarako is the eggs of a cod fish. You can buy egg sacks at a Japanese supermarket. Then all you have to do is take the eggs out of the sack and cook them in butter till they turn pale colored. Then you mix in some spaghetti and stir it. You can put a little nori on top. It's so easy and full of yum.

You can see some video of Tarako spaghetti in Tokyo at the end of the video below, and also yummy Kobe beef in Kobe.