Whiskey Minute

I met my friend SKU at a whiskey tasting event in Los Angeles. He is a whiskey and food lover. He has a popular blog about food in LA and whiskey and he also has a youtube channel where he teaches some basic lessons about whiskey...with videos like "What is Whiskey?"...."What is Scotch?" "What is Bourbon(shown above)" and "Why is daddy lying face down in the street again?" (The last video is not real.)

He was nice enough to have me on his video to do a tasting of Japanese whisky .

I like whiskey but I'm not as much of a fan as Sku-san.
I did visit the Yamazaki whiskey distillery in the Osaka area though.

There is all kind of whiskey you can find. Some tastes sweet like caramel, and some tastes like you are drinking the smoke from a camp fire. Whiskey is tasty, but drinking too much can make my brains angry at me. I'm sorry, brains.