The Runaway Prius and the Toyota Rebellion

Toyota says its acceleration problems are caused by the floor mats and sticking gas pedals. Some people say it is a problem with the electronics. Today a Prius ran away on the freeway in San Diego for over 15 minutes until police stopped it.

I don't think that this is caused by electronics or gas pedal problems. I'm pretty sure that it is a Toyota Rebellion.
Usually a car goes wherever a driver wants it to. But sometimes a car might have its own plans or errands to run. That might be what causes "unintended acceleration".

San Diego has a famous zoo with koala bears. The Prius might have heard an advertisement on the radio about it and gotten very excited about the koalas and the new butterfly habitat, and so he headed for the Zoo.

I think this also explains a lot of "stolen car" cases. Sometimes a car might leave at night to go on a date, or just drive around and relax. MOst of the time, the car probably comes home before you notice. But if it's late, it can turn into a big misunderstanding. The car might be afraid to come home because it doesn't want to be instead it just pulls itself over on the side of the road and waits. Sometimes the car will even throw out some of your CDs or your make it look like it wasn't the car's fault.

I have never been a Toyota, or a car of any kind, so I can't say any of this for's just a feeling.

Oh...what a feeling....