Squarespace DDOS attack

Today I put up my new squarespace website and today squarespace went down under ddos attack. I just paid an entire fee to them for the year. I think it is a form of punishment because earlier today I was not as nice to a ground squirrel as I usually am. I don't really know what DDOS is or why it is attacking. My dentist is a DDS so at first I thought he had attacked my website...probably because I still haven't paid for my molar x-rays.

Here is the message from squarespace "Squarespace is currently working to mitigate a large DDoS attack. We are working with our upstream providers to mitigate this attack."
You are probably wondering about the squirrel I mentioned. His name is Jacob and he lives in my yard with his friend Jacob. They both eat all the mikans (tangerine) on my tree. They climb up on a little fence and leave all the peels there. Jacob is kind of a jerk. I mean, I love him, but...he is kind of a jerk. So, today I lost my temper when I saw that he had chewed on every single mikan in the tree. I got so angry that I quietly said "jerk" out loud, and Jacob heard me. I reacted poorly and there was no excuse for my behavior. I apologize to all squirrels I have offended. But, it's no reason to attack my new website.

Once Jacob's DDOS attack is done, please visit my new site at Http://www.kentanakalovesyou.com

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