Camping at San Onofre Beach in San Diego

This past weekend, I went camping at San Onofre. It's a beautiful area with miles of beach and nice, friendly waves. It's not too far from the famous surf break called Trestles.
As I was getting ready to leave in the morning, I stopped by the restroom. Two young guys were standing out front and as they passed they said to me "Ken-San". Once in a while someone will recognize me from my youtube videos and say hello to me. It's always nice to meet other youtube viewers. I waved at them and smiled.
When I came out of the rest room they were still there. Thinking that they might be studying Japanese, I spoke to them in Japanese and they replied "Ken-San" again. Okay, I thought, I guess they don't understand Japanese. Then one of them said "Very-Ken-san". I wasn't sure what he meant exactly, and he had a strong accent of some kind....and then his friend said...."Yes, Very handsome". "I like you very much."
It turned out he wasn't saying Ken-San. He was saying "handsome".

I don't think I looked too handsome that day, but it was very kind of him to say so.