Flesh Juice- It's not just for Zombies anymore

When I am back home, I like to start every morning with a glass of Flesh Juice. You can see me enjoying some in this new video. I also talk about natto.

Natto is a popular breakfast food in Japan. It's fermented soybeans , usually mixed with green onions, mustard and some dashi and eaten on rice. It's very tasty for some and unpleasant for others. In my opinion, it is the best rotten bean you can eat. It's very slimy and stringy in a wonderful way. Japanese people love to see foreign visitors eat natto. I hope you will try it someday. You can get it at any Japanese market. Try Nijiya or Mitsuwa if you live in Los Angeles.
I guess Chinese "stinky tofu" is the Chinese equivalent to Natto. I have heard about it but I have never tried it. I think it is probably much more advanced than natto. I have seen photos of stinky tofu and it looks like it might get up and walk away if you try to eat it. I would like to nibble on it someday though.