Ken Tanaka Hand Printed T-shirts now at Royal-T

I recently made 4 different silkscreen t-shirts using some of my paintings. Each of these shirts is silk-screened by hand using no machines or evil robots. Even the screens are burned in the sun, the natural way.

Royal-T Maid Cafe and ARt SPace is now carrying my t-shirts and some of my framed prints.
There are various sizes for all the shirts from boys xl (which is good for girls) to mens XL.
If you want one, you can email me at

Kentanakala attt geemail dottt com. and let me know your size, and preferred color.

Here are the four prints.

House CAT

Olympic Gold

Mistaken Bear

The Decision

I hope you like the shirts. I am hoping to start printing more and have them for sale in more shops in the US and Japan, and anywhere else that is interested in carrying them.