On a clear day

This is the view of Los Angeles from a street in the hills called Mulholland Drive. When I am feeling sad or anxious I like to go up here and look down on the city. Distance makes me feel better sometimes. It's funny to think that there are millions of people down there, in those buildings. Some are making breakfast, some are sleeping, one of them is watching Die Hard 2, "Die Harder"...but all you can see is buildings and cars and smog.

The photo below is the view from the other side of Mulholland Drive. This is what people in Los Angeles call the Valley. This is where Universal Studios and TV studios are. Mickey mouse also lives here. He is just a cartoon mouse, but they built a very large building for him to live in. I don't think they realize that he is just make-believe. He lives there alone. Minnie moved out a long time ago.