Cooking with Human 餃子パーテイー Potsticker Party

My Chinese friend had a potsticker party for her birthday. We made potstickers from scratch.
They are fun and easy to make.
HEre is what you will need to make them.
-One small piglet (or just a part of one).
- ginger, garlic, corn starch, green onion, soy sauce, sesame oil,

All you have to do is mix it all up and put it in dumpling wrappers. If you are a serious dumpling master, you can make the wrappers from scratch, but we bought them at market.
If you are using a whole piglet, make sure that it is fully not alive before mixing with other ingredients. Otherwise you can end up with a big mess.

The scariest part is when you finally fry them up. You put them in hot oil for a few minutes. When they get a deep, dark tan, you have to add water to the hot oil and it pops and sizzles and flies in the air. It's important to wear a shirt and pants for this part, I wore a Smurfs halloween mask also to protect my face and sideburns.

They came out all crispy and yummy and we were all very proud. There were a few left over dumpling wrappers. I want to use them to make a dessert potsticker. Maybe chocolate with cream cheese and a straw berry. I guess you could put anything inside of a dumpling wrapper.