Pigs make me sneeze and cough

I guess I have the swine flu, but there's no way to know for sure. It could be a bad cold. I did't really have a fever, but it has been a week now and I am still feeling too weak and coughy to go outside much.
I went to the LA county fair a few weeks ago. There was a small piglet named Evelyn who looked very cute and snuggly. When nobody was watching I climbed into her pen and snuggled her a little bit. Maybe that is where I got the virus.

I hope the soup fairy comes soon. My friend Natasha, told me there is an American Obake called the soup fairy. When you are sick, you put an empty bottle of Nyquil cough syrup under your pillow. At night the soup fairy comes and takes the bottle and leaves a pot of chicken soup. I slept on my empty nyquil bottle for three nights, but no soup yet. My cheek is getting sore. I knocked on Natash's door and she told me she made a mistake. It's not Nyquil, it's Robitussin MD brand cough syrup. Now I have to start all over.

I made a video about the flu but it's for my new Japanese channel, so it's only in Japanese.

I feel too lazy to do much, so I mostly am playing tetris. I have painted a little bit too. I'm working on the book that I am making. It's the same book that features the two bears in my earlier post. I have a habit of making one painting, and then deciding I need to make a change and doing another version. It makes my progress go slow. I can't tell you much about the book now, but hopefully soon I will. I think it will take me a few more months to finish it.

I made this one first, but then I got worried that it was too cramped and hard to read.

Then I made this one, but I still don't know which I will use.

Now that this cat is done, I have to do the hardest page so far. It's hard because I don't know what to draw yet. I only know the words.