Sharks, Seals and Pelicans.

Last week, my friend took me on a trip to Avila Beach near San Luis Obispo. It's in Central California, about 4 hours from Los Angeles and San Francisco.
There were nice waves there so I thought about surfing, but then I saw this sign. A local man told me a sad story of how a woman was swimming with some seals in the ocean and a great white shark bit her in the leg, and cut her artery.

Later, I saw this seal lying in the rocks. I decided to go closer and try to make friends with him. But when I got next to him, I realized that he wasn't alive anymore. He was just the body of the seal, but the seal inside him had moved on. Maybe he had been bitten by a shark. I gave him the name of Toby.

Toby wasn't a very exciting friend to talk to since he wasn't alive anymore. So I went to the pier and met this Pelican. Her name is Lucia Pelican. She told me that she likes to sit on the pier and wait for fisherman to clean out their fish and throw the guts away. She said it's much easier than having to catch a fish on her own. Also, she can get some reading done while she is waiting for the fish guts. It's a good deal for her. She mostly reads mysteries.