KFC= Kentucky Fried Cannabis?

I got hungry earlier today and decided to get some friend chicken at the nearest KFC.

But, this West Los Angeles Kentucky Fried Chicken has been turned into a different kind of KFC. It's called Kind For Cures and is now a medical marijuana dispensary. I stopped by hoping to get some ordinary KFC fried chicken, but I noticed that the smell of the smoke coming out of this KFC didn't smell very chickeny.

When I asked the shop keeper if they still served fried chicken he said "We only have nuggets now".

The Los Angeles city government is trying to limit these medical marijuana dispensaries because some of them are located near churches (including this KFC) and schools. This KFC may be gone soon. I think they are going to move into an old Chick-Fil-A shop next.

AFter you watch this video, you will understand what I meant in yesterday's blog post when I talked about trying to make a video after having an eye exam. My pupils were dilated from the eye drops and I didn't want it to look like I had been eating some special chickens while making this video.