The Real Los Angeles Street ARt

I hear many people talking about street art in Los Angeles, and the popular artists like shepard Fairey, Buff Monster and Kaws who started as grafitti artists and became more mainstream artists.

British artist Banksy is also very popular and you can see some of his paintings on LA buildings in the trendy Melrose area.

But i think the best Los Angeles street art is still not noticed and is hidden away in small neighborhoods.

Here the artist has combined many different worlds....showing Pooh, Elmo and Sponge Bob living together in peace. Eeyore is holding a sausage on a string.... What is the meaning?

Here Mickey Mouse ( a popular American mouse) has been made to be a more chubby mouse to fit in with the modern American diet. If you look at the larger photo, you can find that Mickey has now only one arm.... mouse's life is not easy.