A Double Tall latte and a Smith and Wesson

Starbucks coffee has been in the US news a lot lately. American gun activists have started coming to Starbucks shops in California with unconcealed guns, which is legal in California. Many other shops and competing coffee places don't allow guns, but so far starbucks is letting gun owners bring their weapons in. This is part of a movement lead by a group called "OpenCarry.org". I guess they want to make the public aware that it is legal to openly carry a gun in California.
I am thinking of creating Openpenguin.org, which will help make the public aware that carrying a penguin around is legal in most American states, and also Japanese Prefectures (Excluding Tottori).

Since I created a new motto for Toyota I decided to make something for Starbucks too. This is a sign that they can put up in their stores. I give Starbucks full rights to hang this in any of their stores as long as they give me one free cappucino each month, and allow me to bring in my unconcealed King Penguin Jacob. He is very handsome.