Hesitant Descender

Junpei caterpillar was born in an old and handsome oak tree named Jacob.

He has lived in Jacob all his life.

Junpei has travelled quite a bit. Once he went from his home on the north side of the oak tree, to the branches of the south side of the tree, where the moss is drier, and the oak leaves are green and juicy.

Last week he climbed up to the very tip of the highest leaf, on Jacob's highest branch and he napped under spring sun.

On Tuesday, Junpei woke up to find that all of his friends were gone. Every caterpillar he knew had disappeared and he was left all alone on Jacob.

He asked Jacob what had happened, but Jacob would only answer "it happens every year".

Junpei cried caterpillar tears. He cried and cried and cried and he didn't finish crying until he was all done.

And when his last tear had fallen sploosh on the ground below, Junpei slowly caterpillared down Jacob's bark.

Down and down all the way to Jacob's bumpy trunk stump, far far far lower than Junpei had ever been.

And he sniffed the air,
and lifted his head
and looked out at the green grasses below.

Junpei is made of collaged print making paper and acrylic ink. He will be auctioned off at the Royal-T art show benefit for Earthquake rebuilding in May. I will write more details about it soon.