Monster Destruction

This is Monster Destruction Koala. He is another Koala that I drew by accident.
Monster Destruction Koala has adjustable head.

This Koala is Toby Sr. He has always been a hungry bear.

He got hungry one day and ate an entire eucalyptus tree. It fattened him up and he got hungrier, so he ate a small grove of eucalyptus trees. This made him even hungrier.

Next he ate a whole forest of eucalyptus trees. He got bigger and bigger, and bigger, and bigger until he was bigger than any eucalyptus forest in Queensland or New South Wales.

He wandered the world looking for a giant eucalyptus tree big enough to fill his tum. Finally, he found a whole forest of giant trees, shooting high up in the air.

They were unlike any eucalyptus he had ever seen. Toby crawled up the trunk of one and took his first bite. It was sharp and crunchy and metaly and didn't taste like other eucalyptus he had eaten.

He decided that the glassy leaves on the trunk might be too young, so he decided to climb higher, and higher, but all the leaves tasted the same.

I hope Toby finds what a yummy tree soon.