Toby Matthew Jacobson was born 10 years before his tenth birthday. He didn't want any presents. He didn't want any cake.
He was bored by parties. He was bored by birthdays. In fact, Toby Matthew Jacobson was bored by everything except the idea of "After". And so he lived from one after to another after, and the days slowly passed.

Against his will Toby grew up, and exactly 32 years after the day he was born, Toby turned 32 years old. After going from after to after for so long Toby Matthew Jacobson had grown bored of Afters. Having lost interest in the idea of after, Toby turned his thoughts to It. What would it be and when would it come, and how would it feel when it did. And so, Toby began waiting. And he waited for it to come. And eventually, I suppose it did.