100 artists see satan sketches...

I was invited to contribute a piece to the art show called "100 artists see satan", featuring work by Mark Ryden, Gary Baseman, Todd Schorr, Gary Musgrave and many other artists.

The show starts June 26th at California State University at Fullerton and benefits their art department. You can read about it here. and I will post more about it soon.

This is a series of sketches and images I made while trying to decide what to put in the show. I'll post the final image later.

The top image is a watercolor of heartbroken satan.

This is Nicholas Spider Monkey who I wrote about in an earlier post.

This is great Mazinga....I also made a Raidein. I couldn't quite get this image to work the way I wanted it to. I tried to have them both together with these words in between, but it just didn't work. But I have another idea for a Raidein and Mazinga portrait.

This is a mixed media of oil pastel and acrylic.

Another version in acrylic ink

A sketch of Satan and best friend Popo.

This demon is watching television. They only have reality TV in hell