Where are you from? What Kind of Asian are you? Piracy

Shortly after I put up my video "What kind of Asian are you" up on YouTube for Youtube's comedy week, it started to go viral. By the next day it had several hundred thousand hits which was a very nice surprise for all of us who made the video. Around that time, the video started to be copied and pirated versions were uploaded all over. The most popular one was a poor quality version uploaded to Facebook. They changed the name to "Where are you From?" and failed to list any info about the video. That one quickly became popular and had about 150k shares in a few days. I started getting messages from many of my viewers telling me about this and sending me links. Finally I asked the person on Facebook to take it down and he agreed to. But copies of his pirated version then began to spring up all over YouTube and other areas. It's very frustrating.

I uploaded this version to my second channel kentanakajapan in the hopes that it would come up in searches when people went looking for the removed "Where are you from?" video from facebook. There are still about 10 new fake ones a day uploaded to youtube. Jacob the Happy Rabbit told me I should ignore them. I know that rabbit gives great advice, but it's hard for me to ignore.