Cafemode art show October 6th

October 6th is the new Earthworks show at Shojin with art by me, Remi February, David Neptune and more. Hopefully Remi-chan will also be at the opening, so anyone who wants to come can meet both of us:)
David Neptune will be back home in Japan but his very nice photos will be hanging up to make you happy.

The theme of this show is "Collaboration". All pieces must be made by more than one person.

My piece is this water color that I made a few weeks ago with my friend BPPB. I put it in the blog a while ago already. BPPB drew the body of the octopus and I filled in words and face. The above is the framed version with a black pastel matte that I made. It is $38.

I hope to see you at the show.