Bumpy Planet

Before its destruction during the Filop Wars, Wabulix was known throughout the Smythe Galaxy as one of the bumpliest tropical planets. The ground was covered in colorful bumples and the planet is divided into 13 continents (called Bumplewhips). Each Bumplewhip was covered in different colored bumples which could clearly be seen from high above by space travelers. Wabulix was a popular tropical getaway for inhabitants of the snowy planets that lie in the outer reaches of the Smythe Galaxy (Such as Shiverton 5, Shiverton 4 and also SamuSamu Land).

This picture is thought to be a depiction of Wabulixian scientist Trovy Pecal Igstilviklapklapklap. Dr. Trovy was credited with several inventions used throughout the galaxy such as the Huffle Puff, the Frumpington Pup and the Nuffer Puff. He also invented the Microsonic Hyperponic Deathylaser, an invention which many historians say led to the planet's destruction.

This picture was purchased by a tourist and is one of the last known Wabulixian art works in the entire Smythe Galaxy. It is part of the Smiterion Collection and can be viewed at the Museum of Planets Past in SamuSamu Land. However, this piece is currently on loan to the Cade Gallery, in Phoenix Arizona, a small, deserty metropolis in the primitive MIlky Way Galaxy.

Artist: Killibisish Fillisip Xto-KlapKlapKlap
Medium: Bumplet pigment juicel on Shirap leave
Size: 7 Pelipiso x 3 Pelipiso

Green Cat is listening closely

This is the second animal I did for the art book. I guess the editor will choose between Jacob the Polar Bear and Jacob the green cat.

Jacob the green cat has excellent listening skills. He can hear things that you and I can't. One day he heard me wondering. Another day, he heard me being indecisive. And he even heard me when I was drawing the shadow under his tail. I wonder if hearing all those things makes it hard for him to sleep.