Gumby's dad, Art Clokey died today at age 88

The creator of Gumby, Art Clokey, died today in Los Osos, California.

I was very sad to hear about this because Gumby and Pokey have been good friends of mine since I was in junior high. A neighbor of mine had a tape of old gumby shows with subtitles and we watched them after school sometimes.

Gumby was made in the 50's with very simple stop motion animation. They take a picture of Gumby in one position and then move him a little and take another picture.

I like a lot of modern animated shows, but I also miss the simple beauty and happiness of the Gumby style. I think that sometimes a simple stop action animation has more character and personality than the modern polished style.

I want to say thank you to Mr. Clokey for making my friends Gumby and Pokey.