Demonic Meow にゃんにゃん魔王

I found this demonic Nyaa Nyaa demon cat friend hiding in larger painting that I had done. I think I was just playing with some acrylic paints on a big piece of paper. Then I put the piece of paper in a large pile with other forgotten pieces of paper.
I found him yesterday, and I noticed, hiding in that painting was this image of a Demonic Meow Meow Chan named
にゃんにゃん魔王 (Nyan Nyan Maoo) .

Nyan Nyan Maoo is a felinic demon king and lives in the cavernous regions of Klithillip, which is a just outside of hell. Some people cal lit a suburb of hell, but don't let Nyan Nyan or any other residents of Klithillip hear you say that. They take great pride in their sector, and believe that they exist separately from Hell.

Nyan Nyan welcomes bad cats, rabbits, and small chicken friends from all over the 7 worlds, and 6 Congluplates (Including Penleponesia). If you qualify, you may be lucky enough to meet him someday.