Jacob the Herniated Disc

A few weeks ago my back got very angry with me because I carried something too heavy. Backs are not good at verbal communications. So instead of my back just asking me to put the object down, it waited until the next day and then pouted. When I woke up my leg was numb and tingly and it was a kind of pain that makes you unable to think a full thought or do anything.

The doctor said it was a herniated disc also called pinched nerve. I was given some drugs called Neurontin, Robaxin,, and Vicodin, and also Prednozone, and a 2 injections into my back. The drugs made me think funny things.

The Doctor always asks me to rate my pain from 1 to 10, but I can't assign numbers to my pain. I have my own kind of chart.

It goes from Snuggly baby sleeping peacefully to Angry drunken man yelling all the time.
After 1 week, the pain in my back and leg changed from very angry drunken man yelling all the time, to annoying person trying to get my attention all day long and once in awhile becoming angry driver going too fast in parking lot.

I went into the MRI machine last week, which was very fun. If I can, I would like to move out of my apartment and into an MRI machine. It's small and narrow, so house cleaning will be easy. It makes lots of loud clicks and chirps which will keep mice and vermins away too.

I like the MRI music and wanted to mix it into a club dance track. Maybe Polo and I can do this.

At first the doctor told me I had a 10% chance of needing surgery. After he looked at the MRI results he said I had a 50% chance because Jacob the disc is bulging out so far. That made me sad, but I've never had surgery before, so maybe I should be excited.
Have you ever had surgery?
What level of pain was it? How long did it take to get back to Snuggly Baby Sleeping Peacefully?