Check out some of my YouTube videos.  Comedy sketches, videos about Japan, art and more.


What Kind of Asian are You?

My most viewed viral video. Written and produced by Ken Tanaka and David Ury. Directed by Ken Tanaka and David Neptune

Doko Demo World

I make music too. I wrote and sing this song which is an homage to the Japanese cartoon Doraemon.

Get the MP3 for just 99¢!

Ken Tanaka One Man Show

An excerpt from the play "Ken Tanaka - One Man Show, C'mon!" This is a good introduction to who I am.

What is Art?

One of my favorite videos. I visit the Smithsonian art gallery and learn about what defines art.  For some reason people find it very funny.

White Samurai

An homage to Akira Kurosawa style (Yojimbo) Japanese samurai films. I play the white samurai in this series that I wrote and produced. Directed by David Neptune.