Easter is a difficult time

Yes, Easter can be a difficult time for bunny rabbits, and it brings up all sorts of emotions. It is a time when rabbits come together with their extended families and nibble grasslets and flowers together in a banquet style.

But for rabbits with no family, Easter can be a time of great loneliness.

Jacob rabbit , pictured above in flowered grasslets, once had a family. A wife name Gerta and 7 dozen little rabbit pups.

Jacob first started chewing snodgrasses to relax after a hard day of parenting. At first it was just once in a while, then every week, and after a few months, Jacob couldn't go for an hour without a nibble at the snodgrass.

Soon Snodgrass was all he could think about. In the end, Jacob lost his wife, his puplets, and his burrow. Now, Jacob spends his first Easter at a halfway hole two miles south of his old burrow.

When you are having your supper tonight, please take a moment to think of Jacob and other rabbits like him.

For a story about a happier rabbit please watch these videos of Jacob the Happy rabbit. It's my first comic book (before http://www.everybodydiesbook.com) and I got help from James Jean, David Mack, and Paul Pope.