Paramore's Hayley Williams wearing my "We Just Call It Regular Style" t-shirt. and new shirt designs.

Someone recently sent me this link to a site called . It shows (as seen above) Hayley Williams, singer for the band Paramore wearing one of my t-shirts. This is the "We just Call it Regular Style" shirt. It's from a painting from my first art show at Billy Shire Fine Arts.

I have just made two versions of the shirt available on as well as prints and ipad/iphone cases.

Here is the full-color version. I'm sure that both shirts will look very handsome on you and all your friends, and also everybody you have ever met before.


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Jacob the jerk squirrel update

In my last post I wrote about Jacob the squirrel who was responsible for shutting down Squarespace (my website host) after I called him a jerk very quietly. I spoke to Jacob after my last post and we worked things out. He agreed to stop eating my mikans and I agreed to never call him a jerk again. It was a great bargain.

But this morning I woke up and looked out my window and there he was, mikan gobbling. I still love Jacob, but I do feel betrayed. My heart hurts and also my toe, because I bumped my foot into a door earlier (not really Jacob's fault). I want to be the kind of man who shares his mikan with all nature of rodent, but if Jacob eats them all, then I will have none for the either rodents like Sharon and Judy, and also Toby the rodent, and the other Jacob.

I hope it's just a phase. a kind of リスの反抗期。

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Meet Bruce and Toby

  Babies are so cute.
On Sunday I bought some baby corn at the farmer's market.  I was very happy to find it because it's not so common and it is very tasty.  Babies always taste better for some reason...veal, lamb, spring piglet, salmon eggs.  I guess animals grow out of deliciousness as they get older.  It is true for vegetables too.  
   I brought the baby corns home and unpeeled them.  Inside I found two new friends.  Bruce is the green one and Toby is the brown, tiny one seen in the photo above.  I am now living with Bruce and Toby and raising them on baby corns.  I am hoping to see Bruce and Toby grow up and turn into a beautiful moth.  Then I will take out the baby corn and put in some wool socks for them to eat.  On weekends, I might bring them, in their jar, to the beach to enjoy the ocean breeze.  What else do moths like to do for fun?