Acrylic Ink on Rives BFK paper.

This is another piece of Scrap Art that I made yesterday. It's made from the paper that is left over after I trim the large sheets that I did my book illustration on. You can see more scrap art here

and here.

Or visit my website to see lots more. Http://

Easter is a time for Labbits

Today is a Good Friday, and so Easter is coming soon. Easter is a good time for drawing labbits because they easily hope into your imagination. I didn't mean or plan to draw these labbits, but they accidentally came onto the paper while I was painting. The one of many labbits...was just a big blue shape at first....and then I saw the labbits hiding in it...and drew their outline with a pen. They thanked me, because it is a difficult life to be a creature with ambiguous shape.


UNHAPPY JACOB is also an Easter Labbit. Do you remember him?

Transgendered Lion's Regret

Merry Chirstmas, everybody. I hope you are enjoying some fried chicken and Christmas Cake with your family.

I spent part of Christmas Eve drawing lions. What if you were born a king but that isn't what you wanted? What if you had to live your entire life doing a king's job, like hunting for foxes and other kingly things? It would be sad to have to live a life like that. I hope this lion's wish comes true on Christmas.

I wanted to draw this lion on two different types of paper to compare the difference. I used mostly the same colors of acrylic ink to paint him. The lion on the left (lefty) is painted on cold press water color paper, and the lion on the right (Jean-Bobo) is painted on Rives Print Making Paper. The water color paper doesn't absorb as much so the colors might seem brighter. The print making paper gives the lion a different texture.
I decided to frame Lefty the Lion, and here is how he looks. Jean-Bobo says he prefers to live outside of a frame. Lefty the Lion will be a Christmas present for a good friend I have met here in America.